The Projects of the CDCA

In Sustainable Agriculture planting resizedwe work with approximately 3,000 farmers. Most own only a little land and work together in cooperatives to grow organic sesame, cotton, coffee, and peanuts.  We aided in the organization of a cooperative of farmers to oversee the management of marketing, processing, shipping, and certification in organics and fair trade.  In rural areas of Nicaragua, 90% of people live on less than $2 per day, and working together helps small farmers get a better price for crops and improve quality of life for their families. For more information…

making concrete block

making concrete block

In Sustainable Economic Development we work with a cotton gin, a carpentry workshop, a concrete construction materials plant,and a security cooperative, as well as several microenterprises.   After Hurricane Mitch, we worked with resettled refugees to develop and build the first worker-owned free trade zone anywhere in the world. We provide training in management, computer skills, accounting, etc. For more information…

To start new businesses people need support and money, so our shared risk investment fund, the Vida Fund, loans money at low interest rates for start up and expansion to small and medium sized businesses as well as offering credits to farmers for planting and harvesting.  In 2012, the Vida Fund reached its goal of having $1 million to lend!

cotton seed oil press

cotton seed oil press

Whenever we can, we use Appropriate Technology in our projects.  Projects have included biodiesel, aquaponics, solar dehydrating latrines and efficient wood cook stoves.  For more information…

In Health Care our work is broken down into three main areas: treating people who need medical care, providing dental care, and education and support for healthier lives.

Jorge with patient sizedIn our clinic we provide:

  • part-time pediatric and full-time general care
  • part-time orthopedic care
  • lab exams
  • medicines
  • home visits
  • both acute and chronic care for people with type 2 diabetes and hypertension
  • counseling
  • and hopefully soon radiology services.

Our dental services include a dentist, a hygienist, and a dental assistant… most of our patients are children from local feeding centers.  We focus education and health promotion on: sexual health and family planning; preventing and detecting women’s cancer; pregnancy, childbirth and early childhood development; good oral hygiene; type 2 diabetes and hypertension; as well as many other areas. For more information…

BNB volunteer with girlBesides all the Education we provide to farmers, businesses, and in public health, we feel strongly that the way for life to ultimately change for poor Nicaraguans is through changeDonate Now link for online giving in countries with money and power.  We work toward that goal by educating people in those countries about Nicaragua through offering volunteer experiences, hosting delegations, presenting our work on three annual speaking tours, and sending out a quarterly newsletter that is short and easy to read. For more information…