Peace Through Creative Expression


     Since the 1970s Nicaraguans have suffered through war, overthrowing a dictatorship followed by the Contra War; and as recent as 2018 they've lived through violent political upheaval, with the result that Nicaraguan society suffers from generational trauma. Ciudad Sandino, located just outside the capital, a dumping ground for refugees of societal upheavals and natural disasters, suffers from violent crime. Family breakdown, a crisis of values, and machista systems are elements that negatively affect childhood and adolescence, creating the cause and effect of social exclusion, discrimination, and devaluation. We must stop seeing at-risk children, adolescents, and young adults in vulnerable situations as the problem and instead develop programs that encourage them to fulfill their potential.

    Ciudad Sandino is one of the poorest urban areas in the country. The lack of opportunities and the levels of poverty in most families within the municipality make it difficult for young people to counteract these societal issues on their own. Therefore, this project proposes to promote the culture of peace in these new generations by cultivating young people's talents in the arts.  O ur Rotary Club has embraced this peace and reconciliation work.


To partner with the Municipality of Ciudad Sandino (pop. 180,000) to improve safety and equip the city's Ruben Dario Cultural Center, where 200 at-risk children, teens, and young adults receive courses and workshops in dance, fine arts, music, performance, as well as participating in cultural festivals, community art murals, and competitions. Dance and music classes are free of charge, enabling the students to develop their skills and talents in the arts and enabling the center to expand and improve the classes it offers.   Folklorico Dance Municipal FestivalThis project prevents violence by

Areas of Project Development:

1) Cultural Center Security Wall

To keep students safe and encourage more students to enroll in the free classes, the Center needs improved security. Currently there is no perimeter wall so delinquents often come in to annoy students and area gangs have entered the center to rob students. Another problem is that in the afternoon young people hang around on the grounds to do drugs. With a perimeter wall, the security guard would have a better way to control the entry and exit of only students, providing greater security and students' families would feel more confident, thus allowing more students to participate in the activities.

2) Equipment

In addition to the security wall, the cultural center urgently needs musical instruments, art supplies, dance costumes, and computers.

3) Sustainability

The Municipality of Ciudad Sandino has budgeted for staff to develop the classes, along with providing these basic services:

  • drinking water,
  • electricity,
  • Internet,
  • security guards,
  • maintenance of buildings, and
  • cleaning staff.
Municipal Festival - RotaryThis Rotary project is to support the ongoing Center activities by providing the ongoing supplies needed by the classes, along with a safe and appropriate learning environment so that children, adolescents, and young adults can train and develop their skills in the arts.


300 children, adolescents, and young adults, as well as their families.


    Construction of the perimeter wall: $30,000
    Dance school equipment: $5,000
    Music school equipment: $10,000
    School equipment for drawing and painting: $2,500
    Culture Center Office Equipment: $5,000
    Cultural Municipal Festival for Peace: $3,000

    TOTAL: $55,500