COVID-19: Emergency Hygiene Response



    1)  Ciudad Sandino market handwashing stationWorking with the Municipality of Ciudad Sandino (ALCISA), one of the poorest urban areas in Nicaragua, our Club donated and installed 30 simple hand-washing stations at the local public market, public parks, schools and churches.  ALCISA committed to recruiting and training vendors both inside and on the street edges of the public market to clean and maintain the stations with bleach water and soap throughout the day and to store them safely at night. These stations provide essential hygiene services in highly-trafficked areas, helping stop the spread of COVID-19.   Because the majority of Nicaraguans live day-to-day, keeping places like the market open is extremely important both for vendors who must sell to feed their families and consumers who must purchase as economically as possible for their families. The hand-washing stations have been enthusiastically accepted by vendors and shoppers alike.

    Our Club needs $460 per month to purchase bleach & liquid soap to maintain the handwashing stations.

    2)  Our Club donated emergency hygiene and cleaning supplies to 17 essential service centers for low-income families to make it possible for those centers to safely stay open during the COVID-19 pandemic and to continue providing necessary services. The centers included:
Essential Service Center    Each center was given:
    Our Club needs $2,475 per month to continue to supply these essential centers.

Continuing Cost & Impact:

    $460 per month for purchase of bleach & liquid soap to maintain stations.
    30 installed hand-washing stations at the market

    Free daily public access for consumers in main municipal market of Ciudad Sandino, population 180,000.

     $2,475 per month for hygiene & cleaning supplies for
    17 essential service centers throughout the Municipality of Ciudad Sandino
    Free use by those served through the centers.

You and your Club can help:

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through a partnering NGO, dedicating your gift to Rotary Ciudad Sandino COVID-19 response.