COVID-19 Emergency Response

The Rotary Club Ciudad Sandino is working to respond to the COVID-19 emergency. We are daily monitoring the situation in the communities where we work and taking appropriate action in coordination with local Nicaraguan authorities. We are updating this page regularly, and you can also follow our response on Facebook at

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2020-04-01 Update:

Nicaragua has had 5 confirmed cases of the virus… including one death (a patient with HIV and diabetes). We have chosen to act quickly without designated funds trusting that other Rotarians and their Clubs will respond to our call for emergency funding.  To date we have spent approximately $1,500 on supplies. 
Our Rotary Community Corps members serve the Nueva Vida community as lay health workers working out from the Nueva Vida Clinic, which includes a dental clinic. 
Both are staying open to serve their patients.
We have set up:CPF with mask and gloves, hand-washing,patients

  • Hand washing stations at all entrances to the clinic
  • Marked spacing on the ground to spread out patients waiting in line 
  • Patients are seated outside and inside 1 meter apart 
  • We have marked the floors to indicate seating and have asked people to put their hands in their pockets 
  • We are getting gowns for all medical providers to leave at the clinic for laundering
  • We have purchased cloth masks to protect them as much as possible
Dental staff have paper masks, caps, gloves, and eye protection and soon the gowns as well.

patients sitting spread outNV Clinic staff demonstrating hand-washingWe have made informational leaflets and all patients that come to the clinic are taught about hand washing, not touching one’s face, how to set up a hand disinfecting station, and social distancing …

...very hard when 10 people live in tiny homes, public schools are open, buses are used to get to/from work, and most of them work in the informal sector (like selling in markets that are tightly packed)

COVID-19 Hand-outWater project support: In the rural areas benefited by our water project, we are working with the community water committee on the following:
  • Handing out leaflets & teaching proper hand washing to each family
  • Set up a hand disinfectant station at the water committee office

hand-washing station at schoolsSchool support: Local school are still in session so that children can receive a daily meal.  We are:
  • Handing out leaflets and teaching proper hand washing to children in rural schools
  • Set up hand disinfectant stations at one local school and will set up more pending funding.