COVID-19: Emergency Support for Patients with Chronic Illness

   Goals:chronic medicine delivery To protect the most vulnerable during COVID-19 by providing the purchase and delivery of essential chronic care medicines for the upcoming 8 months for 150 patients. 


As part of the work we've been doing to prevent spread of COVID-19, our Club has recently handed out masks and alcohol gel to 150 low-income patients with chronic illness who are at risk for COVID-19.  These patients suffering from:

Since it is known that patients with chronic illness are particularly at risk for complications and death from COVID-19, and because it is also known that the more these patients have their chronic illnesses under control with consistent medication, the less risk they are at for serious illness or death related to COVID-19, we want to find ways to support these patients.

We would like to continue supporting these patients by purchasing and delivering to them their needed monthly medications for the upcoming 8 months to ensure they keep their chronic conditions under control. This support includes:

The total cost is $35,881. This work would be done through the existing network of RCC trained health promoters and the Nueva Vida Clinic, a non-profit project of the Jubilee House Community serving one of Nicaragua's poorest urban areas and Ciudad Sandino's most marginalized barrio, Nueva Vida.

Continuing Cost & Impact: 

    $31,764 medicine costs for 8 months for 150 chronic care patients
support of Rotary Community Corp efforts for 8 months 
    Total Cost:  $35,881


You and your Club can help:

    Contact us via email:
    Donate online here
through a partnering NGO, dedicating your gift to Rotary Ciudad Sandino COVID-19 response.