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December 2019
COPROEXNIC, the organic agriculture cooperative, is once again struggling with financing.Tractor Repair in Sesame Field

This is an especially hard time of year, because soon the crops will need to be harvested, processed, and shipped. Global Partnerships has been a good source of loans for COPROEXNIC, but after the civil unrest of several months in 2018*, they decided that the crisis in Nicaragua made investments too risky.

Currently COPROEXNIC is the only Nicaraguan business in which Global Partnerships will invest this year. Lamentably, they not only are requiring the portion of the CDCA’s property that previously had been acceptable as collateral, but also guarantee purchase contracts from our buyers for TWICE the amount of the requested loan. Added to that, they are also lowering the available line of credit from $800,000 in 2018 to $300,000 this year.

If you are reading this and know an organization or individuals willing to take a risk with the poor and loan funds to the cooperative, please let us know.

Tractor Repair in Sesame Field

The Vida Fund, our shared risk investment loan fund, cannot extend further loans unless it receives more investment. To learn more about investing, see https://jhc-cdca.org/projects/sustainable-economic-development/vida-fund/

The rains have been good this rainy season. As I write this, unfortunately we have had two weeks with little or no rain. We hope and pray that this will not impact the organic sesame, peanut, and coffee harvests.

Organic sesame from the first part of the rainy season (May, June and July) was good and is currently being processed and shipped to buyers. The first growing season is always short so the crops are not as bountiful.

Organic peanuts are also in the ground. 500 manzanas (860 acres) were planted, but 110 manzanas of the peanut seeds did not germinate. We do not know why.

OANB with COPROEXNIC in sesame field

We welcomed two representatives from Once Again Nut Butter in November to visit and talk directly with the farmers and the Board of Directors of COPROEXNIC. Having buyers who want to be partners is a gift to the farmers of small acreage.

[*The unrest is basically over. Nicaragua is slowly but surely regaining some of its tourist industry and businesses are opening again.]

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The training room in the Nueva Vida Clinic's third building is being finished!!! Many thanks to the Rotary Clubs of Ciudad Sandino and Santa Barbara Sunrise for their efforts, obtaining the funds to pay for the final stages of construction..Pedro throwing repello finish on walls

We said goodbye to our beloved Dr. Inya González in our dental clinic. When she started with us, Inya worked alone half-time until we added Ligia, our hygienist, and Fabiola, our dental assistant. She began work with us eight years ago and she, with Dr. Dirk Anderson of Rock Hill, SC, basically gave birth to our current dental clinic..

Without Inya we would have never started working with ORPHANetwork in a partnership to give poor children in feeding centers dental care. She is a great dentist and we miss her as she makes a new home in Montreal, Canada..

Drs Julio and Inya

We welcome our new dentist, Dr. Julio Escobar who lives in Ciudad Sandino. The numbers of dental patients that we see keep rising… which means we are desperate for dental supplies and toothbrushes and toothpaste. If you can help, please contact us. We have updated our needs list on our website: https://jhc-cdca.org/projects/health/dental-care/dental-supply-needs/

Alaskan crew at work

We were extremely happy to have the Alaska folks back again. Dr. Pam Bell and Wendy Koehler went to the El Porvenir cooperative to offer veterinary care for their animals. They also offered family planning, as well as screening for when Dr. Owen Bell and Dr. Bill Howard went to join them, offering their services at the end of the week. Owen also saw ob/gyn patients in the clinic. Bill saw children in their homes, at a care center for disabled children, as well as in the clinic. Jen Aist, a lactation consultant, with her daughters, gave classes for new mothers and visited mothers in their homes. These are faithful folks who do not give up on the Nicaraguans and our work…Thank you!.

Pat Floerke Memorial FundWe continue to be grateful for all the Nicaraguan interns and volunteers that work in our clinic to help us give the best services possible. We are looking for funds to hire Dr. Dominga Soto, who has already worked with us for a year as a part-time volunteer. She is the therapist who has helped fill the gap left when Pat died last December. We have started a Pat Floerke Memorial Fund to raise the funds to hire a therapist. If you would like to contribute, please note this in your gift..

Emir, another intern and volunteer, has helped a great deal as Jessenia, our paid health promoter has been out with failing kidneys and an ulcerated toe due to diabetes that is hard to control. Recently Jessenia fell breaking her arm, so we do not know how long she will need to recover..

Channel 4 Health FairChannel 4, a Nicaraguan TV station, brought doctors, nurses, dentists, and therapists, holding a Saturday free medical clinic hosted at our clinic by our own staff. They provided care to many, many people in Nueva Vida.


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Casa Ben Linder, a hospitality house and training center, continues to house guests and host events. We received a $10,000 donation for CBL that was then matched in order to help get the facility up to its maximum sleeping capacity. This takes some pressure off the on-going financial strain of the general budget.

Social Media linksWe’ve also been putting lots of effort into expanding our educational outreach through social media, both in English and in Spanish. Please help us share all our posts!

Which leads us to our current reality... We hate asking for funds. We hate fundraising. We hate it… but we ask for this work; We ask for those we work with and for those we serve:

  • For the dad with an abscessed tooth
  • For the pregnant women needing an ultrasound
  • For the farmers with crops to sell
  • For the farmers needing capital
  • For the diabetic mother
  • For the grandfather needing glasses to take his medicine
  • For the teen girl wanting to see what the world is like
  • For the boy needing a safe place to learn and playSocial Media links
  • For the abandoned child grieving for the missing father
  • For the baby hacking
  • For the grandmother gasping for air
  • For the child wheezing

We ask for them. Please help. We are struggling to pay bills, buy medicines and inhalers, make needed repairs, and most of all, pay our staff. Thank you.


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Becca, Paul, and their daughters, Eibhlín and Orla, just returned from a speaking trip in the Northwest of the United States. Mohally Renks on tourThey had a great time speaking… the girls danced folklorico to the delight of those attending the presentations. They also went on vacation with Becca’s family in Victoria, Canada, and celebrated Halloween in true Montana style!

Mike and Kathleen celebrated Thanksgiving with Coury and Cassie and their children. They also got to see Coury as Capt. von Trapp in The Sound of Music.

Samantha conquering stairsDaniel and Claudia are chasing after their one-year-old, Samantha, as she has taken off walking and getting into EVERYTHING.

Sarah and Kathy finished the annual lucha of the 990 Form required for keeping the 501(c)(3) status of the non-profit! A job that is tasking and so, so boring but, thanks to them, well done.

Holiday Greetings


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When our 12-year old grandson, Elliot explains to me about the latest thing he has learned, much of the time I have no idea what he is talking about. Sarah has a family of physicists who talk way over my head. And when I really want to know what someone is saying I frequently ask our daughter, Jessica, to ‘splain it to me.


So… there are all these theories about multi-universes and how one can change reality by just seeing it differently or acting as if the other reality exists. Theologically I understand this completely. Scientifically, not so much.

Jesus said that he came to bring the Kingdom of Heaven and it is among us. It is here. Now. It is hard to comprehend when I feel so much despair.

How can there be the Kingdom of Heaven when we let people starve, when we allow immigrants to stay in cages, when we use police brutality, when we allow hate crimes to rise, when we keep going down the wrong road to peace? How?

Well, if we explore physics or the Gospels or Buddhism, we can learn that if we see a different reality, if we act like we are actually living in a different reality… like maybe the Kingdom of Heaven… then we actually create a new reality… in essence, we become co-creators with the Divine in a new world.

boy and bowlIn the Kingdom of Heaven there is no hunger
Feed the hungry

In the Kingdom of Heaven there is no war
Be a peacemaker

In the Kingdom of Heaven there is no hate
Love one another

In the Kingdom of Heaven there are no outcasts
Welcome all who enter

In the Kingdom of Heaven there are no downtrodden
Lift the fallen up

In the Kingdom of Heaven there are no poor
Give generously

In the Kingdom of Heaven there is no pollution
Sustain the life of the earth

In the Kingdom of Heaven, we are all one family creating, sustaining and uplifting the Creation of the Divine.

There is no despair in the Kingdom of Heaven only hope. Only hope.


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