Volunteer Coordinator

Volunteer Coordinator Position

2018 new VC – Andrea on left – with five former VCs – to Kathleen on right who did the scheduling before there even was a position!

After years of having an annual turnover of personnel, with our Volunteer Coordinator position being a room-and-board only position, the CDCA hired a full-time Volunteer Coordinator effective 1 January 2018.  We will miss the variety of outstanding VCs who have become long-time friends, but welcome the stability of this change.

Description:  The CDCA has monthly delegations from the United States, ranging from 12-25 people.  There are also usually a number of long-term volunteers who assist with daily functions of the organization.  The Volunteer Coordinator works to facilitate the stays of group volunteer delegations as well as individual volunteers here at the CDCA.  This includes being responsible for email correspondence before and after volunteer visits, as well as serving as a liaison between the CDCA staff and volunteers during their stay.

2003 coordinating ITF roof fill with BNB

VC 2003 coordinating ITF roof fill with BNB

For group delegations, this entails the planning and scheduling, as well as informal interpretation, tour guiding, and overall supervision and coordination of their 1-2 weeks stays.  For the longer-term stays of individual volunteers, in addition to these responsibilities, the V.C. also helps to find work projects within their areas of interest in which they can be of help to the communities here.  These responsibilities do not typically fill up an entire workweek, so the coordinator is expected to work in other CDCA projects wherever help is most needed.

2013 VC Neville

Qualifications:  Fluent English required.  Proficiency in Spanish required (ability to converse in Spanish in person and on telephone).  Flexibility, patience and organizational skills are a plus, as well as previous work/volunteer experience in Latin America.  The volunteer coordinator position requires responsibility, versatility, resourcefulness, and the ability to improvise when need be.  The Volunteer Coordinator must be willing to put in very hard work when needed (and not to mention someone who can keep a sense of humor, even in tough situations).  Ability to drive a manual gearshift (or willingness to learn) is necessary.

five volunteer coordinators

Work Week: The Volunteer Coordinator is expected to work 8-5 Monday through Friday and some evenings and weekends when there are delegations, and a few weekends with long-term volunteers.  Vacation time will be given during the year in coordination with other staff members.

To Apply: Please look thoroughly at our website at www.jhc-cdca.org  If you are still interested in the position after reading the information about our work, please…

Contact: volunteers@jhc-cdca.org