IT Volunteer

Tech Support/IT Volunteer

The CDCA is currently seeking an IT volunteer.

Position: Tech support/IT Volunteer

Duration: Length of stay is flexible, although a 6 month minimum stay is preferred.

Compensation: Room and board, in a private room. Free access to our community medical clinic and pharmacy.

Description: Waxor at computer repairFor an IT volunteer in Nicaragua a certain amount of creative insanity is necessary.

  • Computer maintenance is key, with the CDCA mostly using older machines recently updated to Windows 10, in both English and Spanish (at the clinic).
  • You’ll need to be comfortable troubleshooting hardware, network, and software issues, and yes, there will be a lot of them. The computers frequently need just basic cleaning, as the heat and dust cause massive damage to the inner components.
  • And on-going training of staff is always desired, particularly in newer software and new twists in Microsoft Office components.
  • Oversight of our internet connection and internal components of our networks is also needed (dodging thunderstorms and power outages, for example).

Qualifications: You need to be patient and calm with lots of questions. The staff includes people who range in all levels of computer proficiency, and they’ll want to ask lots of questions.

Work Week: Volunteers are expected to work 8-5 Monday through Friday and occasional weekends or evenings when the work requires it.

To Apply: If you think this sounds like fun, please email us at:  We DO know how to check our email.