2020-2021: At this time we are unable to accept short term foreign volunteers in Nicaragua due to COVID regulations. If you are interested in a volunteer stay of three months or longer, please email volunteers@jhc-cdca.org

Coming to Nicaragua and living for a time is an experience you are not likely to forget.  It changes you and helps you see global issues in a different light.

dorm mealtime sized - photo Michelle Doak

“dorm family” mealtime

You make friends and even “family” and in the words of a past volunteer “everything becomes much clearer… like seeing through a dirty window that has suddenly been cleaned.”

We host individual volunteers and delegations.  For individual volunteers, we have a few bedrooms upstairs above the office, and alternative sleeping nearby at CEPS or Casa Ben Linder.

Olivia & Anna with home stay family, Ciudad Sandino

Olivia & Anna with home stay family, Ciudad Sandino

We offer home stays with families in Ciudad Sandino on a limited basis.

We will place you in our work projects and you will also work with the JHC folks who mostly live on the CDCA finca.

We prefer that you commit to a six month stay so that you can truly begin to be a part of the work, though we do make some exceptions.  If you can only spare a week or two, we will try to connect you with a delegation, to come as part of that group.  We do charge a per diem of $10/day for a six month stay.  Donate Now link for online givingThis covers your accommodations, food, some in-country transportation, and support in your work.  For shorter stays, please write us for the per diem charge.

We are currently seeking volunteers with the following skills or interests:

Emma - mortar & pestle - herbal pharmacy sized

Emma working in herbal pharmacy

  • Dentists and hygienists (for a minimum stay of one week)
  • Gynecologists (for a minimum stay of one week)
  • Herbal medicine (six month stay preferred)
  • IT/Tech (six month stay preferred)
  • Volunteer Coordinator (one year required)

Interested?  Start a conversation with us; write volunteers@jhc-cdca.org