Nueva Vida Clinic: Manic Mondays

The services we provide at the Nueva Vida Clinic Click to Donate to the Nueva Vida Clinichave expanded and improved… now our patients receive truly high quality care. We see 16,000+ patients annually from Ciudad Sandino with a special focus on the poorest barrio, Nueva Vida. Our patients are seen by our general practitioner, pediatrician, radiologist, orthopedist, and dentist. They receive medications, lab tests, ultrasounds, EKGs, PAPs, counseling, and eyeglasses. We have developed comprehensive care programs for patients with chronic illnesses, HIV, new mothers, family planning, and at-risk girls.

Nurse Marta checking in patients

But improved care also means increased costs, and our donations have not increased correspondingly. This means even our general operating money is going to cover clinic costs, leaving us financially stretched in every direction.

We remain committed to continuing to provide high quality care through the Nueva Vida Clinic, but we need your help.

Orthopedist Dr. Perez examining patient

It will cost $300,000 to run the clinic this year – which includes everything: clinic staff salaries, medicines, exams & supplies – or roughly $20 per patient visit. We know that this cost is relatively low, but our patients can’t afford to pay $20. So we ask patients to contribute $2 toward the cost of their care, and the rest must be covered by donations.

We need to raise 10% of our annual clinic budget… $30,000 by August 15. This will cover the cost of 1,500 patient visits, or the equivalent of all the Mondays left in 2015.

Mondays are particularly busy days for us: everyone who’s gotten sick over the weekend shows up, from small children to see our pediatrician to elderly patients to see our orthopedist. A full waiting room, high fevers, high blood pressures, high blood sugars, and hacking coughs are just another Manic Monday for the Nueva Vida Clinic.

Will you help us cover the cost of those Manic Mondays by August 15th?

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Here’s how:  [Options updated 11-2015]

  • Give online as a recurring donation.
  • Share on your social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc).

This is important: we need you to introduce us to your friends, raising $30,000 by August 15 means we need new donors!

Here are some ideas for social media:

  • If you’re grateful for medical care you’ve received, share your #gratefulgiving story on your social media with our donation link
  • Take a selfie of your #ManicMonday and share it on your social media with our donation link
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  • Send your good thoughts & prayers for the Nueva Vida Clinic

    Just another Manic Monday patient waiting line at the Nueva Vida clinic