#GIVINGTUESDAY: Help Within Our Reach


#GIVING TUESDAY: Help Within Our Reach


The Nueva Vida Health Clinic is celebrating 20 years in operation! 20 years of expanding services to meet patient needs in Ciudad Sandino, a city of 180,000 people, with a special focus on the poorest neighborhood, Nueva Vida, where our Clinic is located. One-third of our patients pay nothing for their care due to their families’ need. Other patients contribute $2 toward their care, but it costs the Clinic about $25 to see each patient, carry out needed tests, and give them medicine prescribed by our doctors.For 20 years we have depended on donated medicines, but with fewer volunteers coming this year our pharmacy shelves are empty. But with your help, continuing our services and giving patients the medicine they need to get better is within our reach.

This #GIVINGTUESDAY, comprehensive health care is… Within Our Reach  

Our Goal: $5,000 for Nueva Vida Clinic

This #GivingTuesday a Better Future for Girls is… Within Our Reach

Last week a “slip of a girl” came in for a birth control implant.  She was 16 years old and had two children already… the youngest was only 12 days old!

Three years ago we started a project to provide birth control implants, but those first implants put in women’s and girls’ arms are now close to their effectiveness expiration date, so in addition to all the new women and girls wanting implants, we need to remove the old ones and place new ones… we are anticipating doubling our need for long-acting reversible contraceptives. Read more …

$50 will provide one woman a safe alternative for her future.

This #GivingTuesday Calming a Racing Heart is… Within Our Reach

Hypertension is called the silent killer. A nurse, Ann, told us 20 years ago, “Well you have to decide whether you only treat acute diseases or do you include chronic conditions. Treating chronic conditions is a deep well into which funding goes because the treatments are daily, continuing costs.”

Thus most clinics here in Nicaragua do not treat chronic conditions especially for the poor. And there is a validity in keeping people alive and giving them a quality life.”
So, we started treating chronic hypertension in patients. So far this year we have provided anti-hypertensive medication for 1,727 patient visits and are spending $300.00 per month on anti-hypertensive medications alone!

We are committed to giving our patients the quality of life that offers the chance to care for their children and grandchildren. To look this silent killer in the eyes and say, “no.” Read More…

$75 will provide one week of anti-hypertensive medication for the Nueva Vida Clinic.
$300 will provide one month’s anti-hypertensive medications for the Nueva Vida Clinic.

This #GivingTuesday Reading Medicine Prescriptions is… Within Our Reach

I have glasses for reading, computer work, and driving. I am that rich. I can afford glasses to see clearly.

Children in schools who cannot afford glasses and yet need them fall behind quickly. People who work with machines but cannot see can details lose not only their job but their fingers and hands. Older people cannot read the prescriptions of their medications. When you can’t see clearly, you miss so much.

Our health clinic has a vision check and eye glasses clinic, run by a faithful trained volunteer, Christina, who shapes pre-ground lenses to fit frames, and matches donated used glasses to the needs seen.

You can help give the gift of sight for #GivingTuesday by donating to restock our lenses and continue Christina’s invaluable work. Read More…

$10 will cover Christina’s work and materials for a pair of custom-made glasses.
$500 will cover an order of eyeglasses frames and pre-ground assorted lenses.

This #GivingTuesday Controlling Blood Sugar is… Within Our Reach

In Nicaragua, type 2 diabetes is exploding. 23% of our adult patients are treated for diabetes.  Almost one in four patients.

Dr. Cassie Iutzi, was helping students on a delegation learn about the diabetic patients they had seen in their home visits by saying,  “Having high glucose in the blood and kidneys is like have glass running through the body.  It tears up organs.”

We teach people about what they eat and drink, but when your money is limited, so are your options for what you eat. Therefore, consistently, we provide diabetes medications, monitoring, and monthly doctor visits… it is the least we can do to minimize the “glass” flowing through these wonderful people’s veins. Read More…

$25 will provide a patient one month of diabetic care: medical visits, lab tests, and medicine.

This #GivingTuesday a Sympathetic Ear is… Within Our Reach

Not only the public schools, but even Nicaraguan private schools have no idea how to deal with a child with ADD and very hyperactive.

After Pat, our therapist, died last December, we were fortunate to have Dr. Dominga Soto come and volunteer with us.  She has filled in the gaping hole that Pat’s death left.  In 2019, just through October, Dr. Soto has seen 404 people,  including 100 children 6-12 years old.

After a year, Dr. Soto needs a part-time salary and for just $450/month we can pay her, with benefits. Putting aside all the help she gives to those grieving, surviving trauma, domestic violence, sexual assault, etc., and just considering those children who cannot focus, cannot sit still, cannot read because of dyslexia… these are the poor children who actually go to school and might be able to move out of poverty if they could study… deserving help… Read More…

$15 will provide one day of therapeutic services for kids and adults in need.
$450 will provide one month of therapeutic services for kids and adults in need.

This #GivingTuesday Protecting Tiny Teeth is… Within Our Reach

Most volunteer dentists and local dentists who work with poor Nicaraguans pull rotten teeth to give relief.  One right after another.

In our dental clinic we do so much more than extract teeth, in fact we do a great deal of preventive care… cleanings, fluoride, and sealants. 62% of our procedures are preventive care.

Our dental clinic is making an impact on teaching people about good oral hygiene.  It means children and adults can keep their teeth.  It means that their over-all health will improve. Without volunteers bringing donations, we have run out of toothbrushes to give out, as well as other needed supplies. Read More…

$125 will provide one day of dental services at the Nueva Vida Clinic… dentist, dental assistant, hygienist, supplies, and in-school education.

This #GivingTuesday, Happy Bellies are… Within Our Reach

Years ago with volunteer pediatricians, the conversation was:

Me: “You will see lots of parasites in the children.”
Mary: “How will we know what kind of parasites the children have?  Do you have a lab?”
Me: “No.  You will have to guess.  If the feces are frothy treat for giardia.  If there are worms in the feces then treat for that.  If there is a fever then treat for a bacterial infection.  If you are not sure then treat for bacteria and amoebas.”
Mary: “But how will I know?”
Me: “You won’t.  Ask the parents and give it your best shot.”

NOW, the Nueva Vida Clinic has a lab! What a difference it makes! Read More…

$25 will provide one day of lab services at the Nueva Vida Clinic.

This #GivingTuesday, Healthy Moms and Babies are… Within Our Reach

Dr. Jorge Flores, full-time physician at the Nueva Vida Clinic, is also a trained radiologist. With the help of a donated used ultrasound, he can:

– monitor the healthy of an unborn child and reassure the mom
– determine if an unknown abdominal pain requires a referral to a specialist
– respond to concerns and provide follow-up for chronic care patients
– and so much more

But, ultrasound printer paper must be imported, and with the system being “old”, the ultrasound isn’t digitally adaptable.

$275 will pay for one pack of ultrasound printer paper, to last about 3 months.

This #GivingTuesday, a Meanigful Support System is… Within Our Reach

Not feeling alone, and having others with whom to share questions and experience… we all need support. We aren’t meant to live in isolation. Through the Clinic, support groups are provided for:

  • Prenatal care & new moms… so popular it expanded to include…
  • Moms with toddlers.
  • pre-teen and teen girls… making the difference in opening up the world and encouraging girls to stay in school
  • pre-teen boys… teaching alternatives to street violence

$25 will provide staff for one day of support classes
$125 will provide staff for one week of support classes

This #GivingTuesday, a Helath Care Support System is… Within Our Reach

The list of what the Nueva Vida Clinic provides goes on and on… for just a taste, Read More… and see what just $720 a day can provide!