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Most of our diabetic patients suffer from type 2 diabetes, but Juan is twenty years old and he has type 1 diabetes.  He became insulin dependent at the age of 13 years, but we cannot afford to buy insulin, so he has to go to the other side of Managua (2 hours there and 2 hours home on the bus) to get his treatment from the Ministry of Health.
Because of his diabetes, Juan has ulcers on his remaining foot…the other was amputated a few years ago.  Remember the 4 hour bus ride?  Now imagine it with one ulcerated foot and no second foot.

Juan is the second of three
boys in a household that includes the brothers, the parents and two sisters.  His mother is also an amputee and has diabetes.  His father is a part-time construction worker helper and is the main income provider.

His sister, Idalia, is 23 years old, pregnant, diabetic and makes tortillas which
are often the only food in the home…which is dangerous for diabetics.  A church will sometimes provide food for the family and when they do, Juan at least gets lunch.  Needless to say, Juan is hungry most of the time.  He does not get enough calories and the calories he does eat oftentimes send his blood sugar sky-high.

Our clinic provides diabetic medication
by mouth and ulcer care, but Juan needs insulin treatments closer to home and nutritional supplements as well as just food. 

This season, give a gift that will help Juan and others like him who suffer from poverty and diabetes.