Mission of the CDCA

Mission of the CDCA

Community leaders with Cesar discussing our mission

community leaders with Cesar

The CDCA’s mission is simply to address the needs of poverty in Central America by using the following methods

  • First and foremost, listening to communities. People know what they need. Many organizations go into communities bringing their own ideas of what needs to be done. The CDCA organization does not.
  • Listening to discover what communities are lacking. Most of the time what people need is access to the resources and connections of those who can help, whether they need skills, markets, education, health care, special materials, or funds.

COPROEXNIC training mission of Malpaisillo-San Augustin Coops

  • Working with communities to enable them to become self-sufficient, sustainable, democratic entities. Given trust in their abilities, the communities can and will provide for each other. The whole will care for the individuals within community. Mothers and fathers can best provide for their own children when given the opportunity.
  • No exclusion on the basis of race, gender, age, creed, or sexual preference when working with communities.
  • In health care, working with the community to discover what they want from their clinic. How? By taking surveys and working closely with the volunteer health promoters who represent their neighborhood blocks. When it becomes apparent that certain populations are at a higher risk than others, the clinic offers support groups and educational classes.
  • Working with any willing organization, individual, and business located in wealthier countries to help channel their support into communities in need. The CDCA also offers educational opportunities to teach about why people are poor, what their lives are like, and how to empower others to help.
  • Being open to all who want to help. As with those served, the CDCA does not exclude those who want to help on the basis of race, gender, age, creed, or sexual preference. (Though the staff is predominately self-declared Christians, we do not promote any specific creed.)