Staff Bios

CDCA Staff Bios 2020: (grouped by general areas of responsibility)

Project Director:

Cesar Fajardo Staff BiosCésar is our Projects Director.  He is a community organizing genius who has been with the organization since before the U.S. staff arrived in Nicaragua.  He is a native of Ciudad Sandino who understands people and all their quirks better than just about anyone else, and who understands cultural differences between Nicaraguans and the U.S. folks with whom he works. Over the years he’s also become an expert in organics and served a term on the International Board of organic certifier OCIA; as well as becoming an expert in organizational development for co-ops.

Office Manager:

Diana Ibarra Staff BiosDiana is the CDCA’s Office Manager. She keeps track of all the cash in and out, many of the Nicaraguan government laws that pertain to NGOs, payroll, and the list goes on and on. She has a good understanding of staff and volunteer needs, the flow of work both within the CDCA and at the Clinic. She also keeps the office going and was an integral part of the water project.  She is playing a crucial role as Kathy moves towards retirement.


Rogelio Caldera Staff BiosRogelio can build or fix anything. He keeps of the CDCA’s old buildings from falling completely apart, and builds new ones to withstand the strongest earthquakes. For any problem, he knows the person who can help and where to buy the parts we need.  As head of construction, he also plans for and supervises volunteer work crews.  He is committed to the vision of the CDCA and pitches in as needed, professionally and personally.
Pedro Mayorga Staff BiosPedro is a skilled mason, tile-layer as well as having plumbing and other construction talents. His family was relocated to Nueva Vida after Hurricane Mitch, and he initially began working with Rogelio as a volunteer, helping to build the clinic in exchange for coupons for his family to see the doctors.
Lucas Garcia Staff BiosLucas works in construction and maintenance with Pedro and Rogelio, and is especially adept making volunteer brigades laugh while they work. He is fumigating the clinic three times a day with disinfectant during the COVID-19 pandemic. He travels a far distance on the bus to come to work.


Carmen Fuentes Staff BiosCarmen is an especially skilled sous chef to Kathleen, helping to make tasty and filling gringo-style dinners for groups, and is now leading the Hospitality team. She, along with Francis, keep the Center clean and presentable.
Francis Flores Staff BiosFrancis prepares delicious Nicaraguan-style lunches for groups. She travels over an hour each way on public buses to get to/from work.  She and Carmen now make the bleach for the clinic and the office to use for COVID-19 disinfecting.

Nueva Vida Health Clinic Staff:

Administrator / Pharmacist:

00 Josefa Rayo headshot Staff BiosJosefa is an excellent community organizer with a degree in pharmacology, as well as certification in laboratory technology and other fields. She is studying to get her master’s degree in public health currently and is computer literate.  Her passion for geriatric care inspires the clinic to pay more attention to the clinic’s elderly patients. Josefa is the administrator at the Nueva Vida Clinic, keeping the whole clinic operation running smoothly, and holding the vision for a more integrated holistic health clinic.


00 Jorge Flores headshot Staff BiosJorge helped to found the Nueva Vida Clinic and worked with the clinic as a part time general practitioner for 10 years. He left to study radiology. After getting his specialty certification he now treats patients and provides ultrasounds, a service our patients really need! He will run the radiology section of the clinic when the donated x-ray machine is installed.
0 Victoriano headshot Staff BiosVictoriano is a pediatrician who works full time with the Ministry of Health, and sees children for 2½ hours each morning at the Nueva Vida Clinic. His special focus in care is for asthmatic children.
0 Elizabeth headshot Staff BiosElizabeth is a general practitioner who works full time in the Ministry of Health Clinic in Nueva Vida, and in the afternoons treats patients at the Nueva Vida Clinic. She concentrates her work on the clinic’s diabetic and hypertensive patients. This includes going out into the community for home visits.


Isamar Garcia Staff BiosIsamar
is the Nueva Vida Clinic nurse. She did her practicum in the clinic before graduating. Since joining CDCA staff in 2016, she has learned to take PAPs and do EKGs. She also is in charge of the family planning program. She is skilled in inserting IUDs and implants. With all the extra work she has assumed since the clinic’s ob/gyn resigned, there is a great need for an extra nurse at least half time to aid in the nursing aspects of the clinic.


Dominga Soto therapistDominga is the clinic’s therapist who works enthusiastically with children and adults. She works both individually within the clinic and in providing educational classes. She joined the Nueva Vida Clinic staff in 2020 after serving as a volunteer throughout 2019 and has been a great addition.

Lab Technician:

Massiel Jarquin, lab technician Staff BiosMassiel is the clinic’s lab technician who did her practicum under the supervision of the now retired Nueva Vida Clinic’s technician. She has been on staff for five years.

Health Promoter:

Emir is now the full-time health promoter at the Nueva Vida Clinic who organizes lay health promoters and support groups. He manages the clinic’s social media outreach and when it is no longer necessary to socially distance, will be in the Nueva Vida community doing home visits with the elderly and new mothers. Our public health component has stalled with COVID-19. We also lost our first health promoter, Jessenia, to this virus.

Dental Staff:

Julio is a dentist with many years of experience, now working full time (beginning September 2019) in the Nueva Vida Clinic’s dental unit which focuses attention on the children of Nueva Vida. From Ciudad Sandino, Julio smilingly describes his family as “2 children, 1 wife”. When not doing dentistry, he enjoys his motorcycle.
Fabiola Staff BiosFabiola is from Nueva Vida and one of the first graduates of Nicaragua’s first dental assistant program.  Fabiola also coordinates dental appointments with the feeding centers.
0 Ligia headshot Staff BiosLigia is a full time dental hygienist who has a special connection with children.  Ligia also does oral hygiene education in community schools and child feeding centers. She, like many others on our staff, travels far to come to work.  She is currently learning how to move the clinic’s database and patient records into a new on-line service.


Danelia Rocha Staff BiosDanelia started working with the CDCA as a community organizer in Nueva Vida right after Hurricane Mitch, and has been involved in the clinic since it began. Danelia’s primary job is dispensing medicines in the pharmacy under the supervision of Josefa.


Petronila Staff BiosPetronila worked extremely hard to keep the clinic clean and never failed to keep the staff laughing with her good sense of humor. She was thrilled when the clinic got a washing machine, and had to learn how to use one! She is now on leave with a disability.
Luz Marina Staff BiosLuz lives in Nueva Vida. She works very hard and has assumed Petronila’s responsibilities in maintaining a clean clinic. She is slight in build and strong in work.
Xiomara Alaniz Staff BiosXiomara and her family live in Ciudad Sandino. She joined the Nueva Vida Clinic’s staff during the Coronavirus pandemic, aiding in cleaning and disinfecting clinic buildings and surfaces. The two women are phenomenal in helping to keep the virus at bay.
Jubilee House Community members who are CDCA staff:
0 becca headshot Staff BiosBecca and her family joined the JHC in 2007, although she has worked with the CDCA since 2001.  As a college student, Becca volunteered with the CDCA the summer after Hurricane Mitch hit, when Nueva Vida was littered with temporary houses.  She was a natural leader and is still leading the CDCA into new projects. Becca works with cooperatives and does fundraising. She and her husband Paul and daughters do speaking trips in western U.S., Ireland, and Northern Ireland.
Claudia, joining the Community in 2018, works in the broader aspects of education through social media and creating useful videos, while putting her business administration training to good use as the CDCA’s HR point person. Claudia first became acquainted with the JHC and the work of the CDCA years ago, and it is a delight to have her participate not only as part of Daniel’s family, but as co-worker.
Daniel,  as Kathleen and Mike’s son, began his work with volunteers as a toddler, when he got into their luggage and cleaned the floor with their toothbrushes! After studying dentistry to learn proper use of toothbrushes, Daniel worked as our Volunteer Coordinator and then as the first-ever Volunteer Supervisor. Now he is the CDCA’s social media coordinator, the liaison with the Ministry of Health in exonerating medicines and medical volunteers, and the supply procurer. He and Claudia have a daughter.
Kathleen Murdock Staff BiosKathleen is one of the founders of the JHC and has lived and worked in Community since 1979. Kathleen is the director of the Nueva Vida Clinic, helping guide the work in health, making policy for the clinic. She keeps sight of the reason the clinic exists: to improve access to quality health care for the poor. Kathleen writes the CDCA’s quarterly newsletter, thank you letters, brochures, slide scripts, blog, and also does an incredible amount of fundraising. In her “spare time” she regularly cooks dinner for 11 to 45 people.
Kathy and her sister Pat, who died in 2018, joined the JHC in 1987. Kathy bears the brunt of the unsung work of the CDCA — she is the bookkeeper, bill-payer, bank runner, as well as liaison with the Nicaraguan government. She wades through miles of bureaucratic paperwork to make sure the NGO has dotted i’s and crossed t’s.
Mike in hat Staff Bios Mike is one of the founders of the JHC and spends most of his time wheeling and dealing on behalf of the poor, working out fair deals for farmers, while convincing good-hearted businesses to work with the co-ops. He also works on issues of organics and fair trade both in Nicaragua and the U.S. The self-described “visionary” of the community, Mike would much rather be pontificating from the comfort of his hammock.
Paul Mohally Renk Staff Bios Paul joined the JHCommunity along with Becca, and has worked as an informal volunteer while developing woodworking skills within their rual community. Joining the staff in 2020, Paul divides his time between the workshop and the development of Casa Ben Linder.
00 Sarah Junkin Woodard headshot staff biosSarah is one of the founders of the JHC and an appropriate technology genius.  Sarah can design and build anything and spend nearly nothing doing it. She also puts together the newsletters, the website, and keeps up with the best organized database ever. Sarah does an educational speaking trip in the eastern U.S. each spring and by default has become the CDCA’s IT person.

Sarah, Mike, Kathy, and Kathleen are in their late 60s and early 70s and are trying to phase out their work to the younger staff members.