Staff of the CDCA

Staff of the CDCA (2019)

The staff of the CDCA currently includes 29 members: 23 Nicaraguans and six from the United States and Ireland who are also members of the Jubilee House Community. These six work with the cooperatives and the clinic. They also work in fundraising, administration and bookkeeping, educating those from wealthier countries, overseeing volunteers, and cooking.

Staff Cesar with community leaders

Cesar with community leaders

The Nicaraguans make up the following positions:

Other medical professionals include:

Rogelio and Pedro using water level

Rogelio and Pedro using water level

In total, we have 20 women and 9 men making up the staff.  The staff consists of people who are well educated, as well as people who have gone only as far as the 6th grade and who are wonders at their jobs.  We feel fortunate to partner with hardworking, creative co-workers.

Staff Francis, Diana, Carmen cooking for volunteers

Francis, Diana, Carmen cooking for volunteers

Labor laws in Nicaragua guarantee minimum wages.  All our Nicaraguan positions are above minimum wage. Although we would like to raise these salaries every year to continue to cover basic needs, currently we cannot due to budget restraints.  Nicaraguan law also includes paying into the government’s insurance and retirement plan.  We pay both the employer and employee portions.  The law also requires employers to pay a bonus month’s salary in November, a month’s vacation (or additional full pay for the worked month), and paid sick leave.  Paid maternity leave (3 months) is also mandatory.

Our commitment to our Nicaraguan co-workers is long-term.  Salaries with benefits are covered by donations.  Monthly pledges that can be counted on to meet payroll are especially useful!