Who We Are

The CDCA is a family of people who care.

2017 JHC-CDCA gathering

We are the Center for Development in Central America, a project of our 501(c)(3) non-profit, the Jubilee House Community, Inc.  We began the JHC, Inc., in North Carolina in 1979.  The focus of our organization, is to address the needs of the poor.early JHC-CDCA in Ciudad Sandino

In 1993, the Jubilee House Community, Inc. created the CDCA in cooperation with Nicaraguans. Located just west of Managua, Nicaragua’s capital, the Center for Development in Central America began to work on-site in 1994 by addressing the needs of both small rural farmers as well as poor neighborhoods surrounding the city of Ciudad Sandino.  Ciudad Sandino is now one of the largest cities in Nicaragua and the most densely populated.

The CDCA is made up of:

    • An intentional community of people who share the name Jubilee House Community with the legal, non-profit organization.  These people founded the CDCA and moved to Nicaragua in 1994. They believe strongly in the preferential option for the poor.
    • Nicaraguan members of the staff. Currently the CDCA has 29 people on staff: 23 are Nicaraguans and only 6 are internationals. These Nicaraguans are the foundation of the CDCA.
Rosa speaking at fair trade conference sized

Rosa speaking at fair trade conference

  • Nicaraguan leaders in their communities.  As dedicated individuals and groups, these Nicaraguans share in the goal of working with and for the poor.
  • Volunteers who come from Nicaragua, the United States, and many other countries. Nicaraguan volunteers currently participate most extensively within our public health outreach program. Many of our international volunteers come to Nicaragua to help. Others work behalf of the projects from within their home countries. Our Board of Directors is all-volunteer.
  • Donate Now link for online givingDonors from all over the world, who help to fund the many projects, and who believe in the goal of empowering the poor around the world.  These donors support the work through their financial contributions, giving of their time, and their in-kind contributions.

BNB volunteer and friend sized - photo Reynolds RisseeuwThe CDCA is many people – both in Nicaragua and throughout the world – who care.