Buy a Block – Nueva Vida Clinic – Construction photo history

BUY a BLOCK – Nueva Vida Clinic construction PHOTO HISTORY:

Note: Through the last several years, all of the construction preparation and actual manual labor have been provided by volunteers either on-site or through donations.  You can see how far the building has come; now we urgently need to finish!


NACCP, SOTH, Unity, & friends laying sewage piping

2018-01 BNB & CDCA roofing crew at week’s end

Welding roof beams into place

BNB – first roofing sheets going on


Bucknell class painting roofing beams

Unloading roofing materials

St John’s UMC laying ultra-dense radiology area block

Bucknell sifting sand for concrete – photo Paul Susman

UUCHaverhill delegation beginning education block wall

Post Oak High School building concrete forms

Lopez Island delegation loading loseta wall slabs

Bucknell delegation placing losetas into post slots


Junkin group – Sliding loseta wall slabs into place

St John’s UMC Georgetown pouring foundation concrete

Alaska volunteers – rebar column assembly

Lake Oswego rebar work crew – photo Denise Brice

Bucknell class placing losetas- photo Paul Susman

Rochester & CSK setting posts in foundation

Bucknell Brigades carrying posts

Post Oak High School mixing concrete

Bucknell – first posts being set into foundation run

Final Building design approved


Sanford Service Club making loseta frames

UUCHaverhill filling post forms

Post Oak High School building loseta rebar frames

Lopez Island building clinic post rebar

Bucknell delegation building estribo columns – photo Taylor McCready

Labeled floorplan – rough idea with sketch


Lake Oswego making loseta forms – photo Pam Rossio

St Gregory’s making block – photo Sean & Brittany Wood

ETSU & St Gregorys sifting sand for concrete

The beginning sketch

Please make sure to designate your “Buy a Block” gifts accordingly.