Adios, 2020…

Adiós, 2020…

We’re SO glad to be nearing the end of this year that has brought so much hardship with the coronavirus pandemic and not one but TWO hurricanes hitting Nicaragua in November.

Before it’s over, however, we need your help to make sure we end the year right, since we’ve pinched every penny to meet crisis needs. It’s always hard to raise money for the unsexy stuff, but paying bills and staff and fixing what’s broken is what makes all the beautiful successes we have possible.

Adiós, 2020…DO let the door hit you on the way out!

…but DON’T let its handle break…or let the sink fall OFF the wall…or the tree fall ON the wall…

All those are real repairs we had to make this year, believe it or not! Between the Nueva Vida Clinic and our Center, our construction team of Rogelio, Pedro and Lucas are constantly fixing stuff that breaks. But fixing broken doors and sinks means that this year our dental team of Dr. Julio, Fabiola, and Ligia saw 6,500+ of patients! You can help us keep cleaning and fixing teeth, donate:

tree down on wall

1 day’s repairs = $20

Adiós, 2020…Good riddance to bad rubbish!

…and sharps…and bacteria…and stains…

With the pandemic, our Nueva Vida Clinic cleaning team of Luz Marina and Xiomara have their hands full…mostly of bleach, alcohol, cleanser and detergent. The Center’s cleaning team, Carmen and Francis, have learned to make bleach using water, salt and electricity, and send the Clinic a steady supply to lower cleaning costs. You can help keep everyone healthy and hygienic by donating:

bleach making

1 day’s cleaning supplies = $25

Adiós, 2020…Going out with a bang!

…and a crack…and a boom…and a spark…

Along with the hurricane destruction in Nicaragua, 2020 brought us an unprecedented number of electrical storms which shorted out our system continually. Our medical and office equipment are hooked up to UPS to keep these storms from frying electronics…but we lost many UPS and had many, many electronic repairs. You can help Dr. Jorge keep doing 155 ultrasounds a month and nurse Isamar doing 34 paps a month by donating:

1 week equipment repairs = $50

Adiós, 2020…Ring in the new year…

…and ring your doctor…and your health promoter…and your counselor…

2020 saw us all learn to Zoom, and at the Nueva Vida Clinic health promoter Emir and his team of 30 lay promoters began to share important health information via WhatsApp group chats…therapist Dominga even began doing tele-counseling with vulnerable patients! None of this would be possible without internet and telephones, which are amazing but come with a hefty monthly bill. You can make sure we keep sending appointment reminders to 140 counseling patients/month by donating:

1 month internet service = $100

Adiós, 2020…It’s about time!

…and timing belts…and radiator leaks…and engine block cracks…

Our elderly vehicles aged another year in 2020, and our four trusty-rusty ambulances and trucks are now collectively 97 years old! Keeping these vehicles in safe running order on Nicaraguan roads meant that this year 30 teenage girls and 35 teenage boys with the Lobas and Leones groups got to go to their computer, beauty, cell phone repair, masonry, and baking classes. We were also able to check on organic sesame, peanuts, and coffee growing in the fields and support the 3,000 farmers we work with around the country by negotiating better prices adding value to their crops. You can help us continue that support by donating:

pushing ambulancia

1 day vehicle repair = $10

Adiós, 2020…Gone, but not forgotten…

…more like seared into our memories…

For the first time in 26 years, the CDCA temporarily closed its Center and the Nueva Vida Clinic to protect staff from COVID-19 and allow time for those that were sick to get better…all 22 staff members received their full salaries. Some have worked from home, some in other socially distanced ways, and some not at all. But no one was laid off – our commitment to our staff and their families remains, despite the tough times of 2020. You can help us meet payroll through December and beyond, no matter what 2021 brings by donating:

JHC-CDCA staff 2018

a recurring monthly donation

Adiós, 2020……Que le vaya bien!

We’re glad to see the end of 2020 and so glad to have your steadfast support in the exciting and the mundane, through pandemics and hurricanes. We are so grateful for you.

Thank you!

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