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[Posted 2014]

Look at what the CDCA has accomplished in just 20 years! We couldn’t have done it without the support of many, many wonderful people. When we counted down to GivingTuesday on 2 December 2014, we highlighted just some of our accomplishments over the past 20 years.  See below!

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Top 20 Accomplishments of 20 years – The Countdown:

Top 20 Countdown - #20 Appropriate Tech latrines and stovesTop 20 Countdown #19 - Health Care rural clinics #20. Appropriate Tech: Built solar composting latrines & efficient wood cook stoves
#19. Health Care:Built 3 health clinics in rural areas
Slide 03Countdown #17 building schools#18. Clean H2O: Started a co-op to make effective water filters
#17. Educating: Built 1 school & 1 preschool with feeding center
Countdown #15 - network of lay health promoters#Countdown #16 - Appropriate Tech Buildings16. Appropriate Tech: Built 8 buildings (34,400 ft2) for clinics, co-ops & education
#15. Empowering: Started network of 37 lay health promoters 4 years ago, & held 256 trainings
Countdown #14 - jobs - cotton ginCountdown #13 - Speaking Tours#14. Creating Jobs: Operating cotton gin, employs 25 people & supports 800 agricultural jobs
#13Educating: Speaking Events in 37 different states & 10 countries
Slide 09Countdown #11 - Clean Water#12. Creating Jobs: #SesameProcessingPlant: employs 27 people & supports 300 farmers
#11. Clean H2O: Potable water to 3 communities
Slide 11Slide 12#10. Supporting famers: Exported 3 million lbs. organic sesame, 982,500 lbs. peanuts, 460,000 lbs. cotton, and 290,000 lbs. coffee.
#9. Health Care: Since 2007, #NuevaVidaClinic has treated 10,000+ dental patients
world's first free trade zoneemergency aid#8. Life-giving: Emergency aid to 12,000 Hurricane Mitch refugees
#7. Creating Jobs: Started World’s 1st Worker-Owned Free Trade Zone
organic chainvolunteers#6. Educating: Hosted 163 groups with 2,500+ people and 670 individual volunteers
#5. Creating Jobs: Created World’s 1st Clothing Line certified as fair trade organic from crop to consumer
loan fundorganic cooperative#4. Supporting farmers: Started organic co-op with 16… now working with 3,000 farmers
#3. Creating Jobs: Made loans of $5.3 million to co-ops, start-ups, & farmer co-ops
supporting farmersdoctor visits#2. Health Care: Started in 1999, #NuevaVidaClinic has treated 100,240 patients
#1. Supporting farmers: Aiding 3,000 farmers with capital, certification, marketing & tech support