Life Giving

Life Giving 2016:
In this season of light…help us pay the lights!

jorge-2An electric bill isn’t sexy. But by helping pay the $445/month light bill at the Clinic,  you ensure Dr. Jorge can do 122 ultrasounds each month. Not to mention EKGs, 459 lab tests each month, and practically everything else we do – electricity costs 4 times what it costs in the U.S., so even minimal consumption is expensive.
josefa-1Car insurance isn’t sexy. But by helping pay the $1,200/year car insurance, you ensure we can take pediatric HIV patients to their monthly hospital visits, pick up thousands of dollars of donated medicine, and get the 150 volunteers who donated their time this year to their work sites.
A phone bill isn’t sexy. But by helping pay the $375/mo phone bill, you ensure we can call 33 women each month with their pap results. Not to mention calling patients in for follow-up, scheduling 146 teeth sealants, 95 dental restorations and 156 teeth cleanings per month and organizing our 30 lay health promoters, whose home visits save lives.Everyday, boring, unsexy things save lives.
With your Alternative Gift* or Year-End Donation we can pay the behind-the-scenes bills that make our life-saving, life-changing programs possible!

Click here to make your tax-deductible donation now.

Your gift ensures the following:

  • 1 day of telephones supporting pre-cancer screening & health education – $10 
  • 1 day of electricity – supporting ultrasounds, EKGs & lab tests – $15
  • 1 day of internet supporting education & organization – $15 
  • 1 night of security keeping thousands of dollars of donated medicine safe – $25 
  • 1 week of office equipment repairs supporting printing lab tests & ultrasounds for patients – $35
  • 1 work week of electricity – supporting ultrasounds, EKGs & lab tests – $75
  • 1 month of vehicle insurance to support patient transport & donations  – $100 

*Download a printable or emailable gift cards here (front/back of 8.5″ x 11″ paper) for you to send to your gift recipients.