BNB working with Genesis mixing concrete - photo Paul SusmanVolunteering in Nicaragua with a delegation enriches your world view and allows you to come for a short period of time.  We work with you to arrange a schedule that includes:

  • various speakers so that you will understand the context of what you are experiencing;
  • work projects so you can get your hands “dirty” and work with Nicaraguans;
  • Laguna de Apoyo - vols leaping into water - CSUa touristy day so you can appreciate the beauty of Nicaragua, and not just see the poverty; and
  • a day in the capital that will enlighten you about history and give you a framework for Nicaragua.

Becca leading MGA tour - CSU delegation
We prefer that you have at least 12 in your group, though we will try to work with you if your group is smaller.  We do not accept groups larger than 25 people.  We can put medical professionals of almost any stripe to work.

Our per diem rate is $75/night.  This includes room and board at the CDCA and elsewhere, in-country transportation, interpretation, speakers, and some recreational activities. Donate Now link for online giving It does not include air fare to Nicaragua or a few recreational events, such as an evening out at a disco.  In addition, we ask that delegations fund-raise to contribute to the cost of a work project for the group.

St John's loading donations onto bus at MGA airport - photo PM

Loading donations onto bus at Managua airport

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Want background on Nicaragua? Download  Your Nicaraguan Cheat Sheet: all the essentials in two hours or less © 2012 here (15GB PDF file).