For Mother’s Day…Nueva Vida Clinic's New Mother's Group members - photo Jen Aist

Give a gift in honor of your mother to support mothers in Nicaragua: One Mother to Another!   All gifts are tax deductible.

When women can choose the size of their families, they have more control over their lives, their families, and their bodies… too often women are worn out from many pregnancies. This Mother’s Day, there are two ways you can help Nicaraguan women:

1)    Birth Control Implants $50: Subdermal birth control implants are placed in a woman’s arm. They are safe for nursing moms and teens, effective, and provide 3 years of protection against unwanted pregnancy. Our trained staff can now place an implant for a cost of $50. We have already placed 29 and have a long list of women waiting, all we need is the funding to make it happen.


2)    Tubal Ligations $160: We now also work with an organization that can offer tubal ligations (a surgical sterilization procedure) for $160 to a woman who already has all the children she wants to have! We have a growing list of women waiting for us to provide the funding.
For Mother’s Day, you can give a gift in honor of your mother that will give Nicaraguan mothers the chance to limit the number of children for whom they care. When a family living in poverty has two children instead of six, there is more food to go around, more opportunities for education, and less stress so more affection and attention.

Donate $50 for implants or $160 for tubal ligations in honor of your mother and we’ll send her a beautiful e-card.

Send your name, your mother’s name and her email to:

and donate online* (designate it Mother’s Day – Birth Control Implants or Mother’s Day – Tubal Ligations)